Tuition Assistance


"How am I going to pay for school?"

Juggling a full-time job and family responsibilities can make it challenging to return to school.

Tuition Assistance helps relieve the financial burden of school so you can focus on your studies, your family, your job, and other responsibilities.

Our assistance provides up to $2000 per term (Semester, Level, or Quarter) for tuition, fees and 50% of required books and supplies.

The maximum benefit per calendar year is $5000.


You must submit a new application for each term you wish to attend.

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First Time Applicants:

First time applicants must complete this form: Get Started

Submit the form by the deadline to:
Fax: 1-717-232-1923
MAIL: SEIU Healthcare PA Training and Education Fund 1500 N. 2nd Street, Suite 16 Harrisburg, PA 17102

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Returning Tuition Assistance Students:



Once you submit your application, our offices will mail you a letter to the address on file confirming receipt of the application.




Frequently Asked Questions

To be eligible to receive the Tuition Assistance, you must:

  1. Be employed by a participating facility. Check here for your facility or call the SEIU HCPA Member Resource Center at 1-800-252-3894.
  2. Work a schedule of at least 15 hours per week and maintain that minimum work schedule throughout your courses.
  3. Have been employed at a minimum of 15 hours per week for 1 continuous year prior to the application deadline.
  4. Receive at least a “C-” or a “Pass” in the course.
  5. Submit your application by the appropriate deadline.

You can use Tuition Assistance for:

  • Any undergraduate courses toward a certification, degree or diploma.
  • Non-credit programs, workshops, or modules taken for skills enhancement or career advancement in your current field.
  • Fifty (50%) percent of the cost of text books and other course materials required by the school (not including notebooks, pens, computers, or other tools that can be used for other purposes other than the class.)


You can use Tuition Reimbursement at any accredited school approved by the Training and Education Fund-- you pay your tuition up front and get reimbursed at the end of the semester.

If you have questions about a school you want to attend, contact us.


With a Voucher, the Training Fund pays your tuition benefit up front, directly to your school.

The list of schools participating in the Voucher program are listed below.

  • Any public Community College in Pennsylvania
  • Any public Technical School (Vo-Tech) in Pennsylvania

Vouchers are also approved for the following schools:

  • 1199C Training and Upgrading Fund
  • Allegany College of Maryland
  • Clarion University
  • Edinboro University
  • Erie Business Center
  • HVA Educenter (Erie)
  • Institute for Caregiver Education (Chambersburg)
  • Lincoln Technical Institute
  • Orleans Technical Institute
  • Penn State – Hazleton Campus (LPN only)
  • University of Pittsburgh Titusville
  • Vintage Learners (Erie)
  • Warren County (New Jersey) Community College

If you are applying for the first time, you need to meet with a Training Fund Program Specialist.

Contact us to set up an appointment.

You must apply PRIOR to each semester or course.

For semester-based programs, the deadlines are as follows:

  • Fall Semester–July 1 (Courses starting between Aug. 1 and Dec. 31)
  • Spring Semester–November 1 (Courses starting between Jan. 1 and May 15)
  • Summer Semester–April 1 (Courses starting between May 16 and July 31)

For online or non-semester based courses, the deadline is 21 days prior to the start of the course.

Our members are juggling multiple responsiblities:  Work.  School.  Family.  

To be successful it’s important to continue at a pace that works for you.

There is no minimum number of courses you need to complete each term. Training Fund Program Specialists are available to help you think through your goals and the schedule that makes sense for you.

If you do not obtain at least a “C-“ or “pass” in your class, you will not be reimbursed for that class or be eligible for a future tuition voucher until you take another class in your degree program and pass with a “C-“ or better.

If you find yourself falling behind in class, reach out to us for help as soon as possible.