Health and Wellness Plan Questions

To find a physician or other medical provider, call Highmark at 1-800-241-5704 or visit

For prescription providers, contact CVS/caremark at 1-877-668-8990 or visit

You are able to go to any vision provider of your choosing.

The provider can contact our office to verify benefits and eligibility.

If the provider does not choose to bill the insurance, you can still go to them, but you will have to pay upfront and file an itemized receipt to MCA Administrators with this form for reimbursement.

Our plan has an open network, so you can go to any dental provider you choose.  

The dentist simply needs to contact our office at (800) 877-6490 to verify your coverage and eligibility.

If your dentist chooses not to bill the insurance, you can submit your bill using this form.

The age limit is 26 for all coverages.

After you leave employment, a COBRA letter will be mailed to your address. You can decide if you would like to keep the same insurance and pay the premium.

What is COBRA?  See here:  COBRA FAQ

If you didn't receive a card, or need a replacement, contact us at MCA Administrators 1-800-877-6490

or Email Stephanie Crumlich at to request one.

If you have questions about what money is being taken out of your paycheck and the benefits you are paying for, you should contact your employer's payroll department.

They should be able to answer your questions.  

If you don't understand the answers you are getting or have further questions, contact the SEIU Healthcare Pennsylvania Member Resource Center at 1-800-252-3894.